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Favorite Food: Your mom

Biggest Fear: Being poor

Favorite Game: Team Fortress 2/NHL

Favorite Game Genre: Sports

If they had $1,000,000: Invest in a company developing 3D porn

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: Logitech TrackMan

Favorite Gaming System: PC

Your Hero: Henrik Lundqvist

Height/Weight: Fat guy from Ice Hockey

Sexiest Video Game Character: Jack from Mass Effect 2

Favorite Video Game Movie: Tomb raider

Favorite Food: Pizza

Biggest Fear: Going high up

Favorite Game: Day of Defeat

Favorite Game Genre: Shooters

If they had $1,000,000: I would buy Nintendo and make a system that isn't casual.

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: Rumble pack

Favorite Gaming System: PC

Their Hero: Michael Jordan

Height/Weight: Gilius Thunderhead (from Golden axe)

Sexiest video game character: Samus

Favorite Video game movie: Mortal Kombat

Favorite Food: Anything greasy and unhealthy

Biggest Fear: Losing the iron man competition

Favorite Game: Mike Tyson's punch out

Favorite Game Genre: Anything but RPGs

If they had 1,000,000: Give it to the for the kids charity of course

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: Rumble pack

Favorite Gaming System: N64 or NES

Their Hero: My father and Batman

Height/Weight: Bald Bull

Sexiest Video Game Character: Princess Peach because I spent the most time trying to get with her

Favorite Video Game Movie: Mortal Kombat, i must admit it's a lot better when you're 11 as opposed to when you're 26

Favorite Food: Chicken Parm

Biggest Fear: losing the Iron man to Leon

Favorite Game: Grand Turismo series

Favorite Game Genre: FPS/Driving

If they had 1,000,000: Put it all on black!

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: THE LIGHT GUN, that dam dog

Favorite Gaming System: My computer

Their Hero: Batman

Height/Weight: Zangief

Sexiest video Game Character: n/a

Favorite Video Game Movie: Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Favorite Food: Reeses Big Cup

Biggest Fear: Having my soul blessed by Giil

Favorite Game: Street fighter 3 3rd strike

Favorite Game Genre: Fighting

If they had 1,000,000: own ever street fighter arcade machine

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: Madcatz TE arcade stick

Favorite Gaming System: Dreamcast

Their Hero: Jackie Chan

Height/Weight: Q from 3rd strike

Sexiest Video Game Character: Alena (3rd strike)

Favorite Video Game Movie: Mortal Kombat

Favorite Food: Oreos

Biggest Fear: Spiders

Favorite Game: Goldeneye for N64

Favorite Game Genre: Action-Adventure

If they had $1,000,000: I would play poker and video games for a living.

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: Super Scope

Favorite Gaming System: SNES

Your Hero: James Bond

Height/Weight: Link

Sexiest Video Game Character: Jill Valentine

Favorite Video Game Movie: Silent Hill

Favorite Food: Venison

Biggest Fear: Failure!

Favorite Game: Earthbound

Favorite Game Genre: Racing

If they had 1,000,000: Pay off my truck, buy a new

motorcycle, setup a cash prize to the first person to beat Doug in

SSBM/Street Fighter, invest the rest and enjoy the profits!

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: Super Scope

Favorite Gaming System: 360 I guess

Their Hero: my dad

Height/Weight: Ben Grimm (fantastic four)

Sexiest video game character: n/a

Favorite Video Game Movie: Tron

Favorite Food: Eggs....anyway, including rotten

Biggest Fear: Going deaf

Favorite Game: Body Harvest

Favorite Game Genre: Open world/sandbox

If they had 1,000,000: Put towards funding for a Jurassic Park

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: VMU

Favorite Gaming System: Dreamcast

Their Hero: Notch

Height/Weight: Wander from Shadow of Colossus

Sexiest Video Game Character: Alyx Vance

Favorite Video Game Movie: Does King of Kong:Fistful of Quarters count??

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The gaming marathon features an Iron Man competition, pitting gamer versus gamer in unique situations such as jogging on a treadmill while playing Duck Hunt. The person who scores the highest for all the Iron Man tests is able to claim the title. Here are this years “For the Kids” Iron Man contestants.

Favorite Food: Mariscada

Biggest Fear: Heights

Favorite Game: Games that have a fantastic story

Favorite Game Genre: RPGs

If they had 1,000,000: Probably buy a house in Portugal and open my own cafe

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: The DDR pad

Favorite Gaming System: SNES

Their Hero: Louis Figo

Height/Weight: King Deedeedee

Sexiest Video Game Character: Ayame (from tenchu)

Favorite Video Game Movie: Anything by Uel Bowl

Favorite Food: Ice Cream Cake

Biggest Fear: Ignorant and/or Rude People

Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts & Sim City/Sims

Favorite Game Genre: RPGs and Strategy/Puzzles

If they had 1,000,000: Travel the world until the money runs out (and pay off student loans, of course)

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: My Wii Fit board... I use it nearly every day

Favorite Gaming System: PC

Their Hero: My Parents

Height/Weight: Short and Thick?

Sexiest video game character: None are really my type

Favorite Video Game Movie: Undecided

Favorite Food: Animal Crackers

Biggest Fear: Going Blind

Favorite Game: Mario Kart

Favorite Game Genre: Racing

If they had 1,000,000: I would quit my job & do good deeds

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: Rock Band Drums/Guitar

Favorite Gaming System: NES and N64

Their Hero: Mr. Bowsers

Height/Weight: Just the right size

Sexiest video game character: Koopa Troopa

Favorite Video Game Movie: Super Mario Bros

Favorite Food: Milk Shakes

Biggest Fear: Slow and painful death

Favorite Game: N64 Wrestling games made by AKI

Favorite Game Genre: Not that picky

If they had 1,000,000: Buy some stuff and save the rest

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: Rumble Pak

Favorite Gaming System: SNES and N64

Their Hero: Inventor of cheese

Height/Weight: Waluigi

Sexiest video game character: Morrigan – Dark Stalkers

Favorite Video Game Movie: Pokemon

Favorite Food: French Fries

Biggest Fear: Cthulhu

Favorite Game: Street Fighter Series

Favorite Game Genre: Beat em Ups

If they had 1,000,000: Make the best game ever!

Favorite Gaming Peripheral: Kinect “XBOX PLAY!”

Favorite Gaming System: PC, it is flexible

Their Hero: Humanity

Height/Weight: Mario

Sexiest video game character: Juri

Favorite Video Game Movie: Wing Commander